Summer is coming…

Summer is coming! It has been feeling more and more like summer here in central PA. The weather is getting hotter, and we are all usually pouring sweat after our 3 soccer games filling our Saturdays. As we are looking ahead to summer, I am already feeling overwhelmed with adding a 4 year old girl to our family through foster care and thinking of ways to occupy our time.

Here are my personal summer goals:

  1. Finish and send out book proposal- this is something I have worked on forever, and it is time to just get it done!
  2. Keep up laundry- wow I get so behind. The kids are now in charge for their own laundry, except for the 4 year old. We shall see how this goes.
  3. Keep up on my Bible reading- I started working through the New Testament in 90 days. It is fun to read through the Gospels again, and I have enjoyed this. I just have to keep myself on track!

As far as the kids go…here’s a list of things I’m working through to decide what the summer should look like. Screen time is saved for a break from each other for everyone, but we will also spend our afternoons at the pool most likely. Here’s a list of ideas I have for us:

  • pool days
  • happy hour slushies at Taco Bell!
  • lego building contests
  • sidewalk chalk
  • craft days at the library
  • weekly library visits
  • 20 minute reading block every day
  • few trips to the in-laws
  • camping
  • park days
  • read aloud time
  • hiking (although a 4 year old could make this tricky!)
  • game nights
  • STEM building projects

What are your thoughts for summer? Do you have any great ideas for ways to spend those long and sometimes glorious summer days? Tell me in the comments- I would love to hear!

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