Enneagram and Friendships

The enneagram can be very helpful in friendships. I have actually figured out in recent months that I am friends with many enneagram 3’s! The funny thing about this is that as a 9, I go toward the positive characteristics of a 3 when I am in a healthy place, so I guess it makes sense that I like being around 3’s! Go figure!

    It helps to know how your friends operate. When I know that I am with a 3, I am able to understand, they have a need to achieve. I have a need to be liked, so sometimes it works out that I can help a friend accomplish an achievement. When I am with a 7, I know that I am going to have a lot of fun. When I am around a 5, it’s helpful to remember, sometimes they just like their own space and quiet.

   When you know who your friends are through their enneagram number, it seems to help with empathy. I am able to see how a friend could feel a certain way through the lens of the enneagram. A friend that is a three likes to achieve, while a friend who is an 8 will want to be in charge. Seeing a person through the lens of the enneagram is a gift. 

   The enneagram has helped me see why a person may be acting a certain way. And with that, I’m able to give a person grace in the midst of the way they may be acting. It helps to see that we are all created differently, but so uniquely! 

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