Enneagram Series

As you’ve read already, I just love the enneagram. It is an excellent personality typing system that shows people both strengths and weaknesses. I have related so much to others from just learning their enneagram type. I find myself trying to figure out a person’s enneagram number when talking to them. It has helped me in my marriage, my motherhood, and relationships in general. I also feel that knowing the enneagram types has helped me as a pastor’s wife. While I certainly do not support using your enneagram number to excuse bad behavior, it does help to realize when a person is defaulting to a behavior because it is so engrained in who they are!

In this 4 part series, I want to show you how the enneagram has helped me in different areas of my personal journey. The first part I want to share with you is actually a guest post I did for another blogger like myself who loves the enneagram. Clarity with Charity has compiled a series of blog posts from all enneagram types on how the enneagram has affected their mothering journey. You will find my piece on the enneagram and mothering at the end of this article:


I hope you find the enneagram as helpful as I have! Tomorrow’s post will be on the enneagram, specifically as an enneagram 9, and how it has affected my marriage. See you soon!



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