Every year I pick a word to focus on and work toward during the year. The year we made the decision to start looking for churches to plant, our word was purpose, and I felt like that was the year we really solidified that we wanted to plant a church. Last year, I changed the word I had from Renew to Bold. I truly felt that I was being pushed to grow in so many ways I’ve shied away from for so long. And it was an incredible year!

   I started looking at words to think about for next year a few weeks ago. I was thinking the word would be Flourish or Grow or Courage or something to keep pushing me forward as I try to be bolder and not just behind fear. But for some reason the word “Enough” kept popping up in my head. I looked up synonyms and found sufficient and competent were synonyms. I looked up the definition for sufficient, and it said “enough for a particular purpose.”

I’ve struggled forever with feeling like I’m enough. But I feel like for this next year, I want to focus on what God has given me to do, and be ok with who I am. God has called me to be a mom, and I’m nowhere near the perfect mom, but I am the right mom for my children. God has called me to be a pastors wife, and while there’s so many other women out there more cut out for it, God gave this particular role and church to me, and I’m going to do the very best I can. And who I am and what I give is enough for this particular purpose. I’m ok with focusing on what God has given me this year to focus on. And that’s enough. I don’t have to be all things to all people. I’m letting God do that. And I’m ok with being enough for where I’m at now.

And that’s enough.




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