Kids and Ministry

I have really worried about my kids. I have worried especially as we have been planting a church and have had to sacrifice many long days, and many nights without dad around for tucking in or to be home to join us for dinner. I have worried what they may think of our church. I have been very fearful that they may grow up to resent and hate the church because of how much time and energy it took from their parents.

I do not know what the future holds, but I feel that my kids have caught on somewhat to the vision we have for the church in our area. My oldest son made me so proud as we were preparing for our launch. He said that his teacher let him stand in front of his class and invite all the students in his class to our church opening! First of all, what an amazing teacher he has to allow him to do that, we are so blessed to have had great experiences with teachers here! Second of all, of all my children, he would be the one who is most like me: scared to talk to others, introverted, shy, not confident. Maybe God is stirring in him that some things are worth sharing about no matter the fear you feel in doing it!

My middles son wanted to wear his shirt from our church that is way too big for him to school. He is a proud supporter. He wanted to hand out promo cards for our campus to his classmates, and it was his idea! He took them into his backpack with the hopes of handing them out to all his classmates. His teacher was not able to clear it with the principal, so he didn’t get to hand out the cards, but I was so very proud of his persistence and boldness. This is my kid who struggles with fear the most. I am so proud to see him growing and standing up for the things he believes in boldly!

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