A Life Worth Living

I always pick a word for the year and I decided my word for this year would be renew. I felt that this would be a great year to renew my relationship with Jesus, my husband, and my kids. But as the year has progressed, I’ve felt a new word has brought on a lot more meaning this year. And that word is BOLD.

I feel that I often hide behind my personality. I’m shy, I’m not super confident in myself, I tend to be a behind the scenes person. I’m an enneagram 9, like to keep the peace and be a people pleaser. I don’t mind this at all, I get so nervous being out in front of people. But this year has been a huge turning point for me, and I feel that BOLD describes what I’m leaning into this year.

I’ve felt this summer that every sermon I heard was all about being bold, no matter what the actual subject was. I had my eyes opened to see that I will often not speak up or will not do things just because I’m terrified of what people may say or think. And while I love personalities and figuring people out, I feel that God has opened up my eyes this year to see that I’m not called to hide behind a personality label. My introvertedness or whatever you want to call it cannot be an excuse to not live out a bold faith and a bold life.

I spoke at a women’s event at church earlier this year, and I survived. I’ve felt that I’m supposed to write a book for years, so I signed up for a writers course. I’ve wanted to run a 5K for many years, so I’m doing one in October. And the biggest thing that I’ve felt that I’m supposed to do is walk door to door to hand out flyers for our church plant opening. I got to be honest, I was terrified of this. But thanks to my in laws and a friend helping me out and helping me to find the courage, we handed out tons of cards the week before our opening! I was so excited to see some connection cards at church with the addresses from the houses we handed out cards at. I’ve got to believe that God rewarded the boldness that went forth that night!

Can I just say this? Don’t let a preconceived idea in your head stop you from doing what Gods called you to do. If he led you to it, he can lead you through it! Let this be a year of BOLD!

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